Github with Quantum Espresso Scripts

Hello All,

As those who know me in person are aware, I will be defending my thesis here in March and will be leaving MIT in June. I started this blog as a way to keep track of my own research advancements and I have been blown away by how much help it has been to other researchers. I have learn much as I have tinkered with QE/python and hope that readers have found my tools useful.

As I leave MIT, I hope to keep blogging, but it will have a more data science bent as I am going to follow the rest of the PhD community by leaving academia to become a data-scientist. I will still try to help with QE as much as I can, but I will not longer be actively researching this field.

I have made a github repo with all of my Quantum Espresso scripts as well as my research automation scripts (heavily related to PROPhet). You can access it here:

Most of the scripts are not documented, but I will expand the repo as I close out time at MIT. I hope you find these helpful in someway to your own academic endeavors.



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