Green Mountain Coffee (@GreenMtnCoffee) is Legit

So I have talked about this already: Green Mountain Coffee has an amazing marketing staff. Over the weekend I received their little gift in the mail, and boy was it way above and beyond anything that I was expecting.

As I have described in my previous blog post, they said that they were going to send me a Michael Franti CD for doing nothing more than being a fan of him on twitter. So, I was pleasantly surprised when this little package showed up in the mail:


You cant really see in the picture because the postage was slightly ripped, but the red mark was a smiley face. Great personal touch. And inside:

I immediately poped it in to listen through it once; man this is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums. It is such great background music/workout music. Totally calming sound with a great message, especially for you sappy love-y types like myself. I really recommend it if you can pick it up. It can be found on Amazon and other fine retailers.

I was petty satisfied with their random act of kindness, but I felt bad because I had not had a chance to get my hands on their coffee. But, there was another big box delivered with an inconspicuous print on it:


No idea who that box was from, but inside there was a big hint:


Ah-ha! It was from Green Mountain Coffee. But they didnt send me a box that only contained that amazing card:


They sent me a sample of their coffee and an amazingly cute coffee cup (which is now my favorite coffee cup). Even their gift was sustainable, a cup made by Blue Witch, the ceramic company that gives “a portion of the proceeds from the sales of this product ot Morris Animal Foundation.” Could Green Mountain Coffee get any cooler?

Why, yes, internal monolog, they could: their coffee is simply amazing. These two pictures where taken over the span of five minutes:


I have mentioned before: I am horrible at making coffee, yet I have become one of those people who rely on it to get me through my day. It is to the point that if I ever have a profile, “good at making coffee” will be a must for my desired significant other.

Even with my barista shortcomings, I am able to make an amazing brew simply by using their coffee. It is almost like magic: beautiful sustainably grown magic. From now on I am a huge fan of Green Mountain Coffee and will be buying them exclusively, even if I have to order direct from Green Mountain. The coffee is that good.

Keep up the amazing work Green Mountain Coffee!

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  1. Just read both of the posts. This is amazing, props to you for getting this info out there. I may just even have to try their coffee now!

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