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This morning started just like any other morning: a heathy bowl of cereal and a soy protein shake while checking my emails from the night before. The morning routine also includes bumping some of my favorite songs from YouTube or Pandora, etc. Well, this morning a particular favorite came on: Say Hey by Michael Franti & Spearhead.

As all properly connected people do in the 21st century, I had to tweet about it:

It was a passing thought until the verified twitter account of Green Mountain Coffee responded ( ). I honestly had never heard of them, but the blue check mark made me really excited. I really have no idea how they saw that particular tweet. Hats off to the runners of these official twitters as I am sure parsing through thousands of tweets from a given search term can be quite daunting. Anyway, the following conversation transpired:


I was being sincere, I have been looking for a new brand of coffee as I cant make my own coffee to save a pack of adorable puppies. It was also very cool to have a verified twitter account follow me. After following them, I responded to their DM:

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 2.12.41 PM

I was at first expecting a sample of their coffee, so I was thoroughly surprised by this amazing gift. While I understand that they can not do this for every customer, sporadic kindness like this can go a long way for a company:

  • First impressions are huge
  • I am now not only going to try their coffee, but sing them praise afterwards
  • Because of the random act of kindness, I feel a bit of an obligation to follow up by testing their product
  • No matter if I end up liking their coffee or not (I am sure I will), they have gained a huge, and outspoken, fan.

It is true: I am going to hunt down that coffee this week and give it an honest review. The funny thing is, they didn’t need to do a single thing for me to be willing and happy to try their brand, the general attitude of their tweets sold me. I didn’t feel like they were trying to sell me something, rather they were just expressing an intertest in shared music tastes. All in all, whoever is running that twitter knows what they are doing.

While this blog is seldom seen, I have just spent 20 minutes writing a piece of free advertising for Green Mountain Coffee with a smile on my face. This kind of marketing scheme has the ability to easily go viral and create a huge return for Green Mountain Coffee all because they knew who to put in charge of their twitter account. Take note other online marketers and keep up the good work Green Mountain Coffee.


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