Python Calculation of Bandgap from *.save directory

Hello All,

Just a quick update that you might find interesting. I have just made this python script that will calculate the bandgap of your system from the *.save directory of a QE calculation. This is pretty straightforward and was created mainly for the new users of this wonderful world of computational material science.

If you are new to python, this is a pretty nifty tutorial on the subject:

# Run this command as follows:
# ./*.py PREFIX
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
import glob
import sys

prefix = sys.argv[1] 
savedir = prefix + ".save"
CBM = 100000
VBM = -100000
for i in glob.glob(savedir + "/K*"):
	datafile = i + "/eigenval.xml" 
	tree = ET.parse(datafile)
	root = tree.getroot()
	eig = root[2].text
	eig_vec = [s for s in eig.splitlines()]
	occup = root[3].text
	occup_vec = [s for s in occup.splitlines()]
	for j in range(len(occup_vec)):
		if float(occup_vec[j+1]) == 0: break
	CBMt = float(eig_vec[j+1])
	VBMt = float(eig_vec[j])
	if CBMt < CBM: CBM = CBMt
	if VBMt > VBM: VBM = VBMt

print "CBM:\t",CBM*27.211396132
print "VBM:\t",VBM*27.211396132
print "Bandgap:\t",(CBM - VBM)*27.211396132

Happy simulations,


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